What is the function of Exhaust Fan?


Exhaust Fan  is a device used to exhaust indoor air to the outside, and it plays an important role in many places. The main functions are as follows:

1. Ventilation: Exhaust fans help maintain good indoor air quality by moving air out of the room. In areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets, exhaust fans can effectively remove harmful substances such as smoke, oily fumes, moisture, odors, and bacteria to keep the air fresh.

2. Humidity removal: Exhaust fans play an important role in places with high humidity. By discharging humid air, it can effectively reduce indoor humidity and prevent mold and mildew, thereby maintaining a dry and comfortable environment in the room.

3. Cooling: In places with high heat, the exhaust fan can also play a cooling role. By exhausting hot air and taking away indoor heat, it helps to reduce indoor temperature and provide a more comfortable living and working environment.

4. Dust removal: The exhaust fan can discharge indoor suspended particles, dust and pollutants to keep the indoor environment clean.

5. Explosion-proof: In some special places, such as chemical laboratories, factories, etc., exhaust fans can also be used to exhaust flammable or harmful gases, reducing the risk of explosion and safety accidents.

Overall, exhaust fans play an important role in improving indoor air quality, maintaining a comfortable environment, and providing security. They are widely used in various places such as home, business and industry.
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